Vulcan Riders Association

International Bylaws

The following bylaws are the framework for all Vulcan Riders Association organizations and activities world-wide.

All National, Regional and Local chapter bylaws must not in any way interfere or be in conflict with the International bylaws or the spirit of Vulcan Riders Association’s purpose.

1. Name

The name of the Association will be Vulcan Riders Association hereafter referred to as the Association.

The Association will also be known as the VRA.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for its members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging the participation of its members in these activities while maintaining a family-oriented open atmosphere.

Vulcan Riders Association is a democratically run organization.

Brotherhood, friendship and tolerance are the guidelines for all our arrangements and meetings.

3. Logotype

The Association logo is copyrighted and the copyright rests with the Association Executive Committee.

The right to use the copyrighted logo is extended to National Chapters.
Use of the logo by any other third party requires permission from the Association Executive Committee.

The logo is carried as a front patch and placed on the left or right side of the vest or jacket depending of the national chapters culture.

The logo may not be misused or carried in such a manner by members, that it in anyway deflects from the Association’s core values.

The VRA is not a part of the Motorcycle Club Culture and the logo must not in any way be used to give that impression; for instance as a part of a three-part backpatch.

4. AEC

The Association Executive Committee is the governing body of the Association.

The members of the AEC will consist of the National President from each country (or their appointed representative) and the National Vice Presidents.

The National Chapters, the World President, and Non Chapter Member President have one vote each.

From the incumbent National Officers, the AEC will elect a World President, a World Vice President, a Non Chapter Member President, and other officers as needed.

The AEC reserves the right to charge each National Chapter an Association fee.

The National Webmasters are a part of the AEC, but since they are appointed officers they have no vote in the committee.

5. Association Finances

Vulcan Riders Association is financed by contribution according to each national chapter’s number of registered members.

There are no regular fees. When needed the AEC will decide about contributions and financing for specific purposes.

6. National And Regional Chapters

By standard the VRA is divided in National Chapters, with one chapter per country, named by international dialing number. USA=1, UK=44, Sweden=46, etc.

National Chapters will abide by the Association bylaws and the decisions of the AEC.

If, at any time, a chapter is not adhering to this charter or the spirit of this charter, that chapter’s affiliation may be rescinded.

If a specific country chose to have more regions or local organizations within its borders, should these be named:

  • Regional Chapter – A chapter defined by regional boundaries.
    A Regional Chapter has one or more appointed regional officers.
    Regional chapters are always at the discretion of the National Chapter.
  • Local Chapter – A chapter defined by a central town, city or location.
    A Local Chapter has locally elected officers to lead the Local Chapter.
    Local chapters are always at the discretion of the National Chapter.

7. Definition Of Officers

  • Elected Officer – A full member elected to lead a chapter.
  • President – The President is the nominal head of the chapter.
  • Vice President – The Vice President, in general, assists the President and assumes the duties of President in the President’s absence.
    The Vice President will assume the role of Membership Officer until one is appointed.
  • Secretary – The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting and distributing a summary to the membership.
    The Secretary is accountable for the safe keeping of all records and other documents relating to the Association.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer maintains an accurate record of the chapter’s finances.
    At each meeting, the Treasurer provides a treasury report with the chapter’s balance and all transactions since the last meeting.
  • Appointed Officer – A member appointed by the Board / Executive Committee to perform a duty of the chapter.
  • Membership Officer is mandatory for all National Chapters.
    The VRA recommends that this Officer handles membership issues for regional and local chapters as well.
  • Webmaster is also mandatory for all National Chapters.
Each National Chapter will present a website showing at least:
  • Regional Officers’ name and contact information.
  • Total number of members in the National Chapter.
  • The minutes of the last Annual Meeting
  • Link to VRA International Website
An Officer’s duties may not in any way be in conflict with the VRA bylaws.

8. Membership

Requirement for Association full membership is a legal, running Kawasaki Vulcan of any size.

All riders must be insured and licensed as required by their locale.

Spouses, Significant Others, and children of full members are allowed full membership without prejudices.

All members will be assigned a unique VRA number in their own National Chapter.

Associate Membership is at the discretion of the chapter.

An Executive Committee can suspend or revoke the membership or privileges of any member whose conduct threatens the safety or wellbeing of the chapter or its members or in any way acts in conflict with the association’s core values and purpose.

9. Elections

Elections will be held yearly.

National Chapters will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Only a full member may be elected to office or participate in a vote to elect officers.

Any elected officer can be removed by a majority of members.

In the President’s absence, the Vice President will assume the role of President.

Members can only hold one elected office but may also hold an appointed office.

10. Voting

Chapters will be conducted democratically by popular vote.

Each member will only have one vote.

Any full member can request a vote by hidden ballot.

11. Meetings

The purpose of chapter meetings is to promote friendship, plan events and conduct the business of the chapter.

Meetings will be scheduled at regular intervals.

Where possible, chapter business will be conducted in person.

12. Finances

Any funds acquired through dues, fundraisers, merchandise sales or other means will be banked in the name of the chapter.

All finances should be held within the official VRA National Accounts, not held by members private accounts.

The Treasurer will keep accurate records of any monies received or spent.

An audit committee will be appointed to review the chapter’s financial records prior to officer elections.

13. Dissolution

If a chapter or the Association is dissolved for any reason, the assets and properties remaining after the settlement of all just debts will be given to an organization with similar aims to the Association and/or to a recognized charity.

The recipient organization will be determined by a majority vote of the members prior to dissolution.

14. Amendments

Changes to the Association bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the Association Executive Committee.

Changes to the National Bylaws will not conflict with the Association bylaws and must be approved by the National Chapter.

Changes to Local Chapter Bylaws will not conflict with the Association bylaws and must be approved by the National Chapter.

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