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Chapter #886


TVRA also joined the Vulcan Riders Association (VRA) in 2018 as the 30th chapter in VRA. VRA is a global origination and established in 1996, with 30 chapters worldwide and more than 10000 registered members. TVRA is also the first Riders Association that joined the International Riders Association in Taiwan.

TVRA has eight sub-chapters all over Taiwan ( North Taiwan, Tao-Chu-Miao , Mid Taiwan, Yun-Jia, Tainan, Kao-Ping, Yilan, East Taiwan).

The association has eight branches in all of Taiwan (Beibei, Taozhumiao, Zhongzhangtou, Yunjia, Tainan, Gaoping, Yilan, Huadong). The club is joined by the owner of the Kawasaki VN brand, or the American heavy machine owner recommended by the members of the association, and must pay the membership fee and annual fee in accordance with the relevant provisions of the People’s Group Law.


TVRA is a nonprofit social organization and approved by the Department of the Interior ROC. The members of TVRA are the Kawasaki VN series riders in Taiwan. Because the English name of the Kawasaki VN series is “Vulcan”, the association is named as the Taiwan Vulcan Riders Association. The purpose of TVRA is to build a platform to share information and events for the riders who owns the model of Kawasaki VN motorcycles in Taiwan.

The Board


Steve Lu

Vice President

Pitt Chuang

Members of the Board

Steve Chen

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