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Vulcan Riders Association Denmark

Chapter #45


The club was established in 2006 – In 2008 we were admitted to VROC International and in 2009 to VRA International.

The only requirement to be an active member of Vulcan Riders Denmark is that you ride on a Kawasaki Vulcan – vintage and model are subordinate. Since we are a brand club, you may want to be a member of your local MC club at the same time.


Vulcan Riders Association Denmark is a brand club for quite ordinary family people from all over the country as well as the Faroe Islands, which has Vulcan motorcycles as an interest.

We have no clubhouse, but meet for tours, events and meet in different places at home and abroad. As a rule, we agree on a collection point before, and then drive along there.

As a member, you have access to our membership app, where tours and events are created and signed up. Vulcan Riders are represented on Facebook in a closed group, which we use frequently to talk about Vulcan motorcycles, about our exciting trips, buying and selling parts and everything else that may interest the members in between.

The Board


Peter Bas Jørgensen

Vice President

Christer Pandell


Jens Knudsen


Annette Baden

Members of the Board

Peter Meyland

Henrik Mogensen

Reinold Micklitz

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