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Vulcan Riders Czech Republic

Chapter #420


Vulcan Riders Czech Republic is brand club which brings together owners, riders and fans of Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles, style of chopper & cruiser.

The club was founded in 2004 and since 2009 is the only club from the Czech Republic, a member of the international Vulcan Riders Association (VRA). It brings together more than 30 clubs from all over the world, among which our club occupies an important position that it intends to further consolidate and develop.

Our club has also been a member of the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) Worldwide Forum since 2009.


We are not a club with MC membership ambitions. On December 13th, 2013, our club was allowed to wear “back patches” by the Czech MC scene. We are respectfully grateful.

We are not a local club, so if you are a fan of Kawasaki Vulcan bikes and you would like to get to know similarly afflicted fools, register on the forum, briefly introduce yourself and you will soon learn more about us.

Registering on the forum, however, does not make you member of the club.

The Board


Jiří Nejedlý – Džuzba

Vice President

Michal Šesták – Šestá


Karel Boldiš – Don Carlos

Members of the Board




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