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Registrations will be opened on November 11st 2018.
For any special request, please contact us through our website:

Payment deadline is April 30th 2020

After that date, any incomplete payment will result in the cancellation of the registration.

Vulcan Riders Czech Republic

Vulcan Riders Slovak Republic

Together, Vulcan Riders Czech Republic and Vulcan Riders Slovak Republic invite all Vulcan Riders and friends to the 16th International VRA Party on 18 to 21 June 2020.

The place of the meeting was chosen in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic near the town of Náchod.

Camp ATC Rozkoš, the meeting place, is located on the shores at the Rozkoš reservoir, right at the foothills of the Orlické hory and near the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, unusual sandstone rock cities.

A walk through time

A rare number of castles, chateaus and sacred monuments have been preserved in East Bohemia. Tourists interested in history are attracted by the historical centres of cities, just as castles such as Kunětická Mountain, Pecka, Lichnice, Rychmburk, Litice or Svojanov. Litomyšl city boasts a dominant monument, which has been included on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites since 1999. It is a unique Renaissance chateau with more than eight thousand sgrafito. Among other architectural gems of East Bohemia are e.g. the chateau in Častolovice, Nový Hrady called the Czech Versailles and the Hospital Kuks. Visitors can also see a show of various architectural styles and learn about the history of times long ago. If you are looking for something specific or unique, you are bound to find it here – from military and technical monuments, through observatories to the world famous ZOO Dvůr Králové and its safari.

Through nature

The Eastern Bohemian landscape offers an inexhaustible number of natural beauties. Spending free time outside of town and villages will provide visitors many pleasing moments and experiences. Valuable and relatively untouched ecosystems of flora and fauna in many locations have led to increased protection and their subsequent declaration as protected landscape territories and nature preserves containing old-growth forests, rare species of water fowl, arboretums with rare trees, and elsewhere thermophile plants and rare molluscs.

Or history...

Czechoslovak fortifications, including bunkers, forts, and cabins, were constructed in the years 1935-1938 as part of the country’s defence system, particularly against the Nazi threat. The Munich Agreement of 1938, which forced the country to relinquish a large part of territory to Nazi Germany, put an end to the construction project; hence, the country lost its system of fortifications. On your journeys today along the Polish border you will come across a great amount of evidence from that period; many of these objects are accessible to the public. They often shelter original equipment meant for the nation’s defence.

Evidence of rich spiritual history is the number of ecclesiastical monuments that form an important part of the architectural heritage of our country. In the region of eastern Bohemia you can find a number of Roman Catholic and Evangelical churches, monasteries, chapels and small chapels, pilgrimage sites as well as Orthodox temples and Jewish synagogues and cemeteries with an unmistakable atmosphere.


The Rally Ticket price is per person and includes tent accommodation, breakfast, and dinner.

For an accommodation upgrade, please see the price list below. The purchase of the Rally Ticket is mandatory.

Commemorable t-shirts (15 euros) can be purchased. Order must be placed in advance.

Very important

Rally Ticket3 Days / 2 Nights4 Days / 3 Nights
Per person120 EUR135 EUR
Accomodation3 Days / 2 Nights4 Days / 3 Nights
CaravanSelf bookingSelf booking
CottageSelf bookingSelf booking

Extra accommodation, as bungalows and cottages, must be booked separately through the variety of options found in

Payment by bank transfer to VULCAN RIDERS CZECH REPUBLIC
IBAN: CZ51 2010 0000 0028 0171 5937


Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka 836
552 03 – Česká Skalice
Czech Republic


+420 491 451 112



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We are aware of the situation in Europe in relation to the spread of COVID-19 and we want to address this risk with the upmost responsibility. First, we propose to extend the date for registration of participants and fee payment until 30.04.2020.

The international meeting will take place on the scheduled date only if COVID-19 has been completely suppressed by that date.
If the situation does not change, we will be forced to cancel the meeting definitively. Should this occour, 100% of all funds would be returned to the VRA members.
Payments for participation in the international meeting cannot be made on the spot.

If the meeting takes place within the planned deadline, we must provide items related to the meeting (badges, T-shirts, patches, ...) These must be put into production no later than 04.05.2020. The amount of these items depends on the number of participants who will pay the fee to attend the meeting by April 30, 2020. Since the production of individual items takes almost 2 months (such as badges), this term is final for us even with the risk that the items will not be ready in time.

Payments for participation in the international meeting until April 30, 2020 are also important to ensure food for a specific number of people. It would not be right to provide meals for all "registered" participants if eventually only those who paid the fee in advance would come. It would be a financial loss for the clubs VROC CZ and VROC SK.

Our VRA friends do not have to worry about losing their money. If the situation around COVID-19 does not allow us to carry out the international meeting, all the money will be refunded. However, due to the above mentioned reasons, the payment of fees for participation in the meeting must still be made by 30.04.2020.