VRA history

Aug 1996 - VROC forum is created

Aug 1998 - "Odinn" (Jim Sloan), a member of "The Council of 11" in VROC, starts the VRA with Bruiser (Bruce Irwin) from Australia, and was active in spreading the VRA as a worldwide association from 1998-1999.

1998 - The Association Executive Committee (AEC) is created. The original AEC members include Odinn (USA), Bruiser (Australia), Hexonx (USA), Wrinkles (USA), Falconer (Holland), P'Nut (USA), Viking (Canada), and others.

1998 - Odinn is elected the first AEC President and Bruiser (Bruce Irwin), from Australia, is elected the first AEC Vice President.

1998 - Bruiser uses the bylaws from another bike club and changes them to fit the VRA.

By the end of 1998, the following chapters have joined the association:
1-1 Southeast VA
1-2 San Diego CA
1-3 Northern VA
1-4 Piedmont VA
1-5 Richmond VA
1-6 Dallas-FtWorth
1-7 Montreal Quebec
1-8 Western Carolina
1-9 Western NY
1-10 Greater Midwest
1-11 Atlanta GA
31-1 Nederlands
32-1 Belgium
41-1 Switzerland
44-1 UK
46-1 Sweden
49-1 Germany
61-1 Sydney Australia

April, 1999 - UK joins the VRA (Odinn and Falconer prompt Chief (Pete Ravenscroft) to start a chapter in the winter of 1998. The chapter becomes official at the Season Opener Bike Rally in Apr 1999).

May, 1999 - Odinn hits a deer and totals his 1500 Classic.

August, 1999 - Having no Vulcan, Odinn resigns as AEC President and leaves the VRA.

September, 1999 - Ty Lytle, from Oklahoma, is elected the 2nd International President. Falconer, from Holland, is elected the 2nd International Vice President.

February, 2000 - Falconer sells his Kawasaki and resigns as VP and from VRA.

April, 2000 - "Chief", from the UK, is elected the 3rd International President and remains President until Oct. 2009.

October 24, 2004 - VRA Holland, Chapter #31, is established by Geert de Jonge and Ferry Schippers. In 2005, John "Mosselman" is elected as President.

2005 - Ferry Schippers initiates the 1st International VRA Rally. The VRA Chapters in Europe decide to make it an annual event - 2006 was Sweden, 2007 Belgium, 2008 Spain, etc...

2005 - Chief initiates the idea of having National Chapters because of the differences in laws and customs between the countries. Chief falls ill and Lorin Potter, the Non-Chapter Member President over 3,000 non-chapter members, completes the initiative.

2006 - Italy is approved as Chapter #39.

2006 - Belgium is approved as Chapter #32.

2006 - Spain is approved as Chapter #34.

2006 - Germany rejoins the VRA (Vulcaniers remain active)

2007 - Norway is approved as Chapter #47.

2007 - Harold Murray ("The Wizard"), Chapter President of the Bangor 125ers, is elected as International Vice President.

2009 – VROC Czech Republic and Denmark joins the VRA

October, 2009 - Lasse Lahn, from Sweden, is elected International President. Badges (Graham Nicholls), from the UK, is elected International Vice President.

2011 - Vulcan Riders Serbia and Vulcan Riders Finland are approved as Chapters #381 and #358 respectively.

January 11, 2012 - Vulcan Riders Mexico is approved as Chapter #52, and joins the VRA

July 11, 2012 – Vulcan Riders Turkey is approved as Chapter #90, is approved as a VRA Chapter. Mehmet Yarbasa is elected the first National President.

July 11, 2012 - Vulcan Riders Brazil is approved as Chapter #55. Rogério Castelo Branco is elected as the first National President.

June, 2014 - Vulcan Riders Malta is approved as Chapter #356. Twanny Borg is elected as the first National President.

February, 2015 - Vulcan Riders Hungary is approved as Chapter #36. Dr. Istvan Palik "Dottore" is the National President.

May, 2015 - Vulcan Riders Ireland is approved as Chapter #353. Alex Martynov is elected as the first National President.

May 24, 2015 - Graham "Badges" Nicholls is elected as the 5th International President, Davide "Aztek" Parolin is the 5th International Vicepresident.

April, 2017 - Vulcan Riders Switzerland is approved as Chapter #41. Roland Haesler is elected as National President.

July, 2017 - VROC Poland is approved as Chapter #48. Krzysztof Bandurski "Yamak" is the National President.

October 27, 2017 - Vulcan Riders Philippines is approved as Chapter #63. Mario Maligad is the National President.

May 3, 2018 - Vulcan Riders Taiwan is approved as Chapter #886.

Feb 26, 2019 - Vulcan Riders Association is recognized as an official association in respect of independently organised Kawasaki brand owner clubs and associations. VIEW CERTIFICATE