Vulcan Riders Association Hungary
Chapter #36

Only a biker can really understand why the dogs love leaving their heads out of the window of a speeding car. Anyway, only a dog can understand why we ride?!

The answer is simple. The feeling of being free, the landscape and its scent, the rumbling and the tamed power of our Vulcan in our hands.

Yes, it′s an amazing feeling riding on our own many-many′s even a bit better to meet our friends and riding together. But simply the best is having the chance of being part of a community!

We kept pushing and finally got there to know each other among the family of Vulcan Riders Association. By our chapters we are all over the world. It is a good feeling being among all those guys, who think the same about the riding, friendship and the community of riders of the world.
The road will never end and the destination will never matter. Only the road matters, that′s passed behind us, because that′s our answer why we ride!

Live to ride, ride to live!

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