Vulcan Riders Association UK
Chapter #44

The Vulcan Riders Association (VRA) is an owners association for owners of the Kawasaki Vulcan range of motorcycles known in the UK as VN's or EN in the case of the 400cc to 500cc models. The VN's span a range of models built around the 400, 500, 750, 800, 900, 1500, 1600, 1700 or 2000cc V-twin engine and the new Vulcan S 650 . We are the UK chapter of an international association and these pages are for UK chapter business. The Vulcan Riders Association is an independent club.
We promote the Kawasaki Vulcan and motorcycles in general (esp cruisers) as a fun and safe activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.
We also promote the Vulcan Riders Association and motorcycle riders in general through involvement in public functions, charitable events and through demonstrated responsible motorcycling.
The only restriction to membership is ownership (or being a family member of an owner) of a Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle.

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