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Time Left Until Launching


Registrations will be opened on November 1st 2018.
For any special request, please contact us through our website: www.vulcanriders.fi/vrarally2019
The deadline for payments is March 31st 2019.
After that date, any incomplete payment will result in the cancellation of the registration.

There are 29 camping cottages for four persons (116 beds)
30 bungalows which are for two, four or six persons (about 120 beds).


Famous for its lakeside cottages, Mikkeli is one of Finland’s most popular family holiday destinations, having the country’s finest water and adventure theme park in Visulahti, and the Hulivili Carnival.

Its packed cultural calendar features the Kangasniemi Music Festival, the Mikkeli Music Festival and numerous performances by the Mikkeli City Orchestra.

The region is also home to some of Finland’s finest manors such as Annilan Kartano, Kyyhkylä Spa, Anttolanhovi Manor and Wellness Village, and Kenkävero, Finland’s largest historical vicarage with the biggest design boutique in the country selling Finnish handicrafts.

The outstanding natural beauty of the lakes which surround it, and the numerous cottages dotted along the shores, have attracted visitors from around the world to Mikkeli for years.

Situated in the very heart of Finland’s lake district, Mikkeli has much to offer the many tourists who flock here to relax or to immerse themselves in local culture, and is a particularly popular destination for families.

Children and adults alike will be thrilled with the choices available, from bungee jumping and paintball, rodeo bulls and space balls, giant swings and even sumo wrestling!

A walk through time.

Anyone interested in the pre-history of Europe will be fascinated by Astuvansalmi rock paintings dating from 3800-2200 BC, on the steeply rising bedrock on the shore of Lake Yovesi some 16km from Ristiina Church, south of Mikkeli.

Of the 90 rock painting sites in Finland, the Astuvansalmi paintings are easily the largest and most diverse entity, not just in Finland but in all of Scandinavia.

In a space measuring about 17m long and 5.5m high, over 80 designs and figures painted in ochre have been identified, including representations of humans, boats, and elks, along with paw and hand prints. The site can be reached by boat or by way of a 3km path.

And through wineries...

There are also three Finnish wineries near Mikkeli:

Ollinmäen Viinitila produces delicious Finnish berry and fruit wines, ciders and liquors, and is just 18 km from the city.

Tyry Winery, 60km from Mikkeli, produces Finnish berry wines, liqueurs, wine distillates and moonshine mustard.

Termola Winery is located on Niinisaari island in Puumula and produces prize winning wines from black, red and white currants.


The Rally Ticket is worth 99 euros per person and includes tent accommodation.
For an accommodation upgrade, please see the price list below. The purchase of the Rally Ticket is mandatory.

Commemorative t-shirts (15 euros) can be purchased. Order must be placed in advance.

Extra accommodation, as bungalows and cottages, must be booked separately through the camping.
Please read the additional booking instructions on the following link:


2 Days

3 Days

  • Rally Ticket (1pers.)
  • (Incl. Tent)

99 Eur

99 Eur

  • Bungalow (2pers.)

135 Eur

200 Eur

  • Bungalow (4pers.)

185 Eur

275 Eur

  • Bungalow (4pers.)
  • (Incl. Sauna)

220 Eur

330 Eur

  • Bungalow (6pers.)
  • (Incl. Sauna)

270 Eur

400 Eur

  • Cottage (4pers.)
  • (Incl. Terrace)

100 Eur

150 Eur

Payment by bank transfer to VULCAN RIDERS FINLAND
IBAN: FI31 5236 0420 2111 17

Address of campsite

Visulahdentie 1
50180 - Mikkeli

Phone Numbers.

+358 (0)15 18281

Email contact