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There remains nothing any more but mobile
home of 4 people for the camp-site
Finished for the 6 places and it does not have there more than 2 places
Actually 30 Mobil home free and 120 place in tent

Isigny sur Mer

Located at the bottom of the bay of Veys, an estuary where four rivers merge, Isigny-sur-Mer, is the chief town of the department of Calvados, and is equidistance of the two large regional metropolises which are Caen and Cherbourg.
Connected by motorway, the Parisian capital is only three hours away.
This area with its privileged geographical position is recognised universally for the quality of its gastronomic products.
Situated in the middle of historic sites such as the D-Day Landing sites of June 1944, allowing visitors, a variety of experiences.
In the area of Isigny, the economy is related to the products of the ground and sea, which shows the influence of the people on this territory.
The quality and characteristics of its products, is due to the nature of a rich and wet ground, as well as the gentle climate.
A variety of specialties, of exceptional qualities, awaits your enjoyment!
In Isigny-sur-Mer, every products have a controlled Label of origin. The cooperative of isigny sur Mer is the dairy company and medal-holder of France.
It will make you appreciate its products, butter, crème, camembert (moulded with the ladle), Pont-l'Evêque cheese and Mimolette are the most famous.

The Famous caramels of Isigny

Manufactured with these labellized products, in the purest tradition, the famous caramels of Isigny appreciated universally and the knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Oysters, cider other products of the sea

Through the doors of the city, to the marshes of Cotentin and Bessin, the cider-producing tradition continues; you will be able to taste cider, pommel and Apple-brandies A.O.C., while visiting hollow and orchards.
The visit of the oyster beds, will make you comprehend the roughness of the sailors, but at the same time, their kindness, and especially their pleasure to communicate the passion of their trade.
But Isigny, is also a fabric of small trade, enclosed between: The Church George Saint, originally built in the eleventh century, the Castle of the Lords of Bricqueville, current Town hall, and the Port.
Formerly it was a fishing and commercial port.
Its flotilla of fishing made up of boats called 'Picoteux' which have brought back to the seas, and now fish in the bay.
Nowadays, the fishermen 'Hogues' keep all its authenticity, and it would be surprising, if you did not meet a former fisherman, very happy to re-live it.
The hotels, restaurants, pensions, camp-sites and leisure facilities, supplement the tourism of our city.
Bessin has also the pleasures of the beach, and excursions in all its forms.
You will be able to also discover by boat, fauna and flora in the natural reserve of the marshes, within the beautiful countryside.



3 days

2 days

1 day
(just exceptional)

in mobilhome

210 euros / person

175 euros / person

140 euros / person

in tent or camping car

140 euros / person

115 euros / person

90 euros / person

Payment by bank transfer to VRAF
IBAN: FR76 1720 6006 5093 0020 8602 452

Address of campsite

Rue du Fanal

Phone Numbers.

+33 (0) 651553006

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